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Here at Miles For Surveys, we love that InterMiles feeling. That feeling you get when you book a flight to your favourite destination, reserve a room at a 5-star hotel, or dine out at a fancy restaurant – all for free with your InterMiles membership.

That's why we've created Miles For Surveys: an online survey program that makes it easy for you to earn free Miles anywhere you have an internet connection.

It's simple. Take online surveys on the topics you care about and earn up to 400 Miles for every survey you complete.

Earning Miles has never been this easy.

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Rest assured that any information you share with us will remain 100% private & confidential.

We take data security pretty seriously, so much so that we have several checks in place to keep your data safe & secure.

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We will only use your information for market research purposes, and we don’t, under any circumstances, sell or share your data with 3rd parties.


We are members of the following market research governing bodies: MMR, MRA & ESOMAR, and we strictly follow their codes of conduct.